Broccoli vacuum cooler

FOB Price: US $20000 – 170,000 / Unit
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units
Supply Ability: 30 Unit/Units per Month
Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union


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Product Description

Broccoli vacuum cooler Advantages:
1.Energy saving & Optimal cooling efficiency
2.Radily cooling & Uniform cooling
3.Safe and stable
4.Keep freshness much longer
5.Minimized production losses
6.Improved economic of harvest operations
7.Minimized losses during marketing
8.Improved utilization by consumer
9.Expanded market opportunities

Broccoli vacuum cooler Features:
1.Green cooling: Energy saving & Optimal cooling efficiency.
2.Radily cooling: Solve the internal field heat problem in 20~30 mins, inhibiting organism growth of their own.
3.Uniform cooling: Cool down the temperature inside and outside the products in a consistent steady and uniform way.
4.Extend shelf life: Stay freshness and Nutrition Longer.
5.Accurated Control: PLC combine with sensitive sensors & valves.
6.Easy operation design: Automatic control work with touch screen.
7.Applicable to fruits and vegetables harvested on rainy days: it can quickly take away surplus moisture on their surface, achieving cooling effect.
8.Hydro vacuum cooler: designed with additional water circuit to meet the rapid cooling while to avoid excessive moisture loss.
9.Tailor made options available:
a.Standard swing door b. Horizontal sliding door
2.Condensing type:
a.Air condenser: The simplest construction, suitable for small system, Easy to integrate.
b.Water condenser: Low cost, efficient and easy to install, Perfect for most of climates.
c.Evaporative condenser: Optimal system for dry climates, or if water availability is limited.
3.Refrigeration system:
a.Freon system (R404a) b. Ammonia system
4.Chamber material:
a.Painted mild steel b. Stainless steel
5.Additional options available:
a.Hydro cooling system b. Pulley loading system
10.Reliable parts: Busch/Leybold/Elmo Rietschle/Bitzer/Danfoss/Johnson/Schneider/LS/ Copeland/Omron/Oerlikon/Kewill/
Electric components are imported from famous suppliers to ensure safe working and long service life.

Broccoli vacuum cooler Applications
1.Vegetables(All leafy vegetables/Broccoli/Cauli flower/Mushrooms/Sweet corn/ etc.)
2.Flowers(Fresh cut flowers)
3.Fruits(Berries/Cherries etc.)

Our standard models & basic Specs

Our standard range consists of models for 1 up to 12 pallets, and produce weight ranging from 250 to 6,000 kg. The number of pallets defines the chamber dimensions, and the number of vacuum pumps needed to create the vacuum.

Processing Capacity Inside Chamber
Produce Weight
Electricity Type Total Power
1 Pallet 1,400×1,400×2,100 300-500 220V-660V/3P 32
2 Pallets 2,500×1,400×2,100 800-1,000 220V-660V/3P 40
3 Pallets 3,900×1,400×2,100 1,200-1,500 220V-660V/3P 48
4 Pallets 5,200×1,400×2,100 1,500-2,000 220V-660V/3P 73
6 Pallets 6,500×1,400×2,200 2,300-3,000 220V-660V/3P 99
8 Pallets 5,300×2,600×2,200 3,200-4,000 220V-660V/3P 123
10 Pallets 6,600×2,600×2,200 4,200-5,000 220V-660V/3P 147
12 Pallets 7,900×2,600×2,200 5,200-6,000 220V-660V/3P 168