Bakery vacuum cooler

Bakery vacuum cooler

FOB Price: US $20000 – 200,000 / Unit
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units
Supply Ability: 10 Unit/Units per Month
Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union
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Product Description

Bread vacuum cooler features:

1. This machine only takes 5-10 minitues to cool down the high temperature from 100℃ to 20℃.

2.  Integrated steaming ,cooking, barking and cooling piratical functions.

3. Smaller area, less labor and investment.

4. No food contamination. 30℃-60℃, the most suitable temperature range for bacterial   reproduction, are passed quickly.

5. Longer shelf life without preservative

6. The diffusion of aromatic substances in the foodstuffs is more uniform ,Preserve taste and flavor better, improve foods process quality.

7. Bulk processing is available.

8. International famous brand components, stable performance

9. Equip advanced PLC and all-in-one function.

10. No oil &high efficient vacuum pump,maintenance free

11. Processing way & time can be set by personal requirements.


Bread vacuum cooler advantages:

1. Integrated Multiple function 

2. Much higher efficient
3. Less investment
4. Save labor
5. better foods quality
6. Big quality processing available
7. Maintenance free


Bread vacuum cooler applications:

1. Staples series:Rice,noodles,steam bun-corn,dumplings sushi,conserve etc.

2. Poultry series : Stewing chicken & duck roasting ,chicken & duck salted goose etc

3. Meat series:Stewing pork,beef,mutton,rabbit meat etc.

4. Fish& shrimp series :River- fish sea-fish cowry crab etc.

5. Fried series:Fried foods,fried ball,spring roll etc

6. Bake series:Moon cake,cake,bread etc.


Bread vacuum cooler specification:

Capacity Cycle time Compressor model Cooling method Total Power Total Weight Internal Chamber Size Overall Size
30KGS 20~30mins BC-30
Air cooling 3.98kw 2000kgs L900×W600×H900 mm L1600×W1100×H1800 mm
50KGS 20~30mins BC-50
Water cooling 7.12kw 3000kgs L900×W600×H1100 mm L1600×W1100×H1900 mm
100KGS 20~30mins BC-100
Water cooling 8.75kw 3500kgs L1100×W800×H1100 mm L2300×W1400×H1900 mm
150KGS 20~30mins BC-150
Water cooling 15.05kw 3500kgs L1300×W900×H1200 mm L2600×W1600×H1900 mm
200KGS 20~30mins BC-200
Water cooling 17.65kw 4500kgs L1100×W900×H1900 mm L1900×W2100×H2300 mm
300KGS 20~30mins BC-300
Water cooling 21.05kw 5500kgs L1300×W1100×H1900 mm L2600×W2100×H2300 mm
500KGS 20~30mins BC-500
Water cooling 26.8kw 6800kgs L1600×W1300×H1900 mm L3900×W2100×H2300 mm